Take a look inside our unique Insight™ Performance Center

This state-of-the art facility is where we gather performance information from our nucleus breeds, so that we can use real-world information when making decisions that will advance genetic improvement for the North American market.

  • Culture of Discipline


    Our $4 million state-of-the-art InSight Performance Center, located near Columbus, Nebraska, exemplifies our commitment to provide you with the best genetics for greater gains and improved performance.

    The center enables collection of feed intake data on boars from our three nucleus breeds: Duroc, Yorkshire and Landrace. This means we are able to gather real-world information from more than 9,000 boars each year. We have five other testing sites located in Nebraska and South Dakota. Once boars are tested, they are selected for either customer shipments or reproduction at DNA Genetics nucleus farms to drive future genetic improvement.

  • Robust North American Nucleus

    North American Markets

    We select for traits that are essential to the North American market, specifically traits that improve a pig's growth rate throughout its life.

    Feed efficiency is important, especially with pigs being marketed at heavier weights, and this trait will be improved by selecting for feed intake and growth rate. Our focus is to provide producers with the ideal backfat and loin depth valued by packers. The InSight Performance Center helps us collect important data points to increase the accuracy needed to make industry-leading genetic progress.

  • Maximize Nucleus Turnover Rate

    Tracking Traits that Matter

    Throughout a 12-week testing period, advanced technologies record the following performance indicators:

    • Backfat
    • Loin depth
    • Feed intake
    • Feed efficiency
    • Growth rate
  • Commitment to Performance Testing

    Advanced Technologies

    As one of the most advanced testing facilities in the world, the InSight Performance Center uses these high-tech technologies every day to fuel genetic improvements:

    • FIRE® feeding systems record feed intake and provide data on feed efficiency
    • Electronic data capture, including bar codes and automated weighing
    • Live ultrasound measures backfat and loin depth
    • DNA sampling
    • Powerful computational computers
    • Comprehensive databases housed in the "cloud"
    • Cutting-edge statistical techniques
  • Exclusive, Industry-leading Helix™ Genetics Database

    Observatory Conference Room

    We invite you to watch boars going on and off test and see how the process works in our bio-secure observatory conference room. The viewing area is open to groups and individuals who want to further understand the swine genetics industry and how we house and care for our animals. We feel it's important to be transparent in how we conduct our business and believe we have a responsibility to educate the public on how we raise pork.